Minworth Lock repair failed

Published: Monday, 16 April 2018

THE recent repair of Minworth Lock 2 on the Birmingham & Fazely Canal has failed, with a closure now in force.

It was the number of complaints received by Canal & River Trust that boats had became grounded in the shallow water that alerted the Trust that the contractors had failed in leaving a leakage and thus a low water level that prevented deep draughted boats from navigating the locks, Keith Gudgin reports.

Closed for four days

The locks will be completely closed this week to allow the problem to be sorted.

The closure is needed as the waterway has to be de-watered to allowed an inspection of the work that was undertaken by the contractors.

This will take until Thursday, then it depends on the further work that is expected to rectify the problem as to when the locks will reopen.

(Most sorry for previous mis-information.)