Gongoozler: Why up in arms?

Published: Saturday, 10 March 2018

WHY are some boaters’ up-in-arms about wood-burning stoves?

Surely they do not have a problem if, and it’s a big IF, they abide by the rules that govern the lives of the rest of UK citizens.

Use smokeless fuel

Smokeless zones have been around for years in, generally, urban areas. So use smokeless fuel! Ah! We don’t want to use smokeless fuel as that either costs more money or involves storing timber for a long time until it dries out. Okay so use a diesel fuelled stove then!

If that still causes you a problem why not talk to your local councillor? Oh! You haven’t got one as you are not registered anywhere!

Why not? Well this would involve your paying rates and local taxes.

Live cheaply

So your objective is to live cheaply. Yes but at the expense of all of us who pay the required dues and demands.
You expect us to accept your fumes, your rubbish, your health service charges (you will obviously attend A & E as it is always free), your water requirements (fresh or used) and your wish to live where you want to however much it may inconvenience others.

Get real and accept your share of responsibilities or shut up complaining!