Six more CaRT non-boating managers

Published: Monday, 12 February 2018

I ALWAYS thought that health and safety was the byword at Canal & River Trust, but its photo accompanying an advert in a newspaper shows otherwise, writes T. Lang.

StrangeIt shows children prancing about on the roof of a narrowboat, that I would have thought was the last thing that children should be doing, obviously giving the impression that this is the pastime for children when cruising the waterways.

Six more managers

But it is the advert that is more worrying, as it is the usual advert of course, for six more managers, and include environment, volunteers, attractions, arts, education, community and youth engagement.  Needless to say they do not have to have knowledge of the waterways.

Yet again money is being spent away from where it should be spent—on maintenance. no doubt part of the well-being of canal visitors that we were told about.