Omitting council tax

Published: Monday, 12 February 2018

A good piece by Gongoozler on the costs and benefits of a life afloat, writes Geoff Low.

For some years now the Telegraph has been doing similar pieces, I fear it may have a boatee on the payroll.

Council tax

What the analyses continue to ignore, to my mind irresponsibly, is council tax. Its almost as if the Telegraph is encouraging people not to register or pay it by omitting it from its articles. Council tax nowadays comes in at 2-3k per normal house per year, especially in greater London. To lead people to believe they do not have to pay it on a semi-permanent boat mooring is misleading.

I you add the £2-3k to the cost of boat ownership for the correct payment of council tax, the financial benefits may not be so great, or more dramatically if you pointed out that every other council tax payer was providing your police, refuse, social services, education etc...