Stratford scheme would surround canal

Published: Monday, 05 February 2018

THE residents of Startford-on-Avon are being asked for their opinion on the proposed  Canal Quarter Regeneration Zone.

With this in mind Stratford District Council has prepared a draft plan of the development, from which the people of Stratford will be able to give their opinions of the scheme, Roger Fox tells us.

Stratford planSurround the canal

The development, as the artists' impression shows, would surround the Stratford Canal, and would comprise of around 1,000 homes, business premises and public amenities.

However there have been problems caused by established businesses on the proposed land refusing to relocate to an airfield that of course takes them away from the town centre.

Hoping people will be in favour

But the council is going ahead with the scheme to invite comments from the residents, hoping that people will be in favour, and so strengthen its hand, with this consultation running until 16th March.