Another 'sloppy' stoppage notice

Published: Wednesday, 31 January 2018

ONE of our regular contributors has sent in details of what he describes as another 'sloppy' stoppage notice.

This one concerned the stoppage notice about one of the lock gates at Camden on the Regent's Canal with Roger telling us:

Another broken commitment

Here is a different example of a sloppy stoppage notice. Sent nearly a week ago it promises 'This notice will be updated further once the gate has been fully assessed'ā€¯. It cannot take five days to find out the extent of the damage and no update has been issued. Another broken commitment by CaRT.

This follows the pattern of a number of recent stoppage notices which are not closed out when the problem has been resolved. Yet CaRT is all too keen to pat itself on the back when it finishes a planned stoppage early.