Massive blow to CaRT—it will NOT get EA navigations

Published: Friday, 26 January 2018

THE Canal & River Trust will not take over the Environmental Agency navigations, the government has decided.

The Trust recently submitted it's proposed terms for taking over the Environmental Agency navigation responsibilities to the government, but ministers have considered the proposals and decided not to proceed with any transfer at the present time.

Unfavourable reports

It is understood that the people and organisations submitting unfavourable reports of the present operation of the Trust had an impact on the decision of the ministers who were not influenced by the Trust's own version of its activities. As a fillip the Trust has been told the option is open...for a return to it at a later date.

 Mark Ormrod, E&B Navigation Manager for the Environment Agency promises:

"We in the Environment Agency will continue to concentrate on ensuring we run our navigations as efficiently as possible, including looking at new ways to raise revenue and engaging with our boating customers over our charges review. We and CaRT will continue to cooperate actively in the running of our respective navigations to ensure the best possible experience for all river and canal users."

No doubt many Environmental Agency boaters, used to a much better maintenance of its navigations, will be relieved they will not be getting the standard of maintenance presently 'enjoyed' by CaRT boaters.