Importance of carrying spares

Published: Friday, 26 January 2018

THE article we included concerning boaters carrying spares, River Canal Rescue people tell us is generating feedback.

Telling us that some interesting points have been raised recently around the importance of carrying spares and how people are more likely to overlook general maintenance, explaining:

Encourage people

"If they have RCR membership. We always encourage people to carry their own spares and when it comes to maintenance, there's a requirement within our T&Cs that a boat is maintained and serviced.

"In order to encourage boaters not to get into the habit of leaving important maintenance to RCR—as parts have a habit of failing at the most inappropriate times and dependent upon the issue we cannot always guarantee we can provide it immediately - we're now offering mini inspections. [More on this later.]

"We also try to ensure boats are in good order, offering nationwide discounted servicing and maintenance courses and carrying a list of recommended parts. However, let's not forget the crucial point which is the aim of RCR membership—it is indeed to cover those unforeseen issues and to ensure you can cruise safe in the knowledge that we are on hand if anything happens."