Another canalside development quashed

Published: Thursday, 25 January 2018

HARD on the heels of the council at Leamington preventing further canalside development, a Whitehall planning inspector has turned down another canalside development.

This was for a 68 homes estate next to the Regent's Canal at Bangor Wharf, the inspector maintaining that the development would do little to help with Camden's affordable homes situation, Alan Tilbury reports.

Three blocks of mixed use

It was housing association One Housing that had applied for permission to build three blocks of mixed use, including homes, shops and offices on land that at present contains a workshop, offices and storage.

The Whitehall Inspector, Paul Jackson, ruled that the project would not only have a negative impact on the canal and other buildings nearby, but at the same time would have failed to provide affordable homes, that the borough urgently needs.

The local council had already turned down the application and the developer had then taken it further, but to no avail, as there was only a single one bedroom unit on the development that came under as being an affordable home, so its appeal was unsuccessful.