The Trust admits failure of Waterway Partnerships

Published: Thursday, 18 January 2018

THE  Canal & River Trust has admitted the failure of its ill conceived Waterway Partnerships, and downgraded them to Regional Advisory Boards.

The 13 partnerships were created at a cost of £25,000 each, to bring a constant income stream to the Trust, but were a complete failure, with a reported total of just £25,000—the cost of the start-up of one—being the only 'income stream'.

Income never materialised

It is obvious that the hope of any income from those ill-conceived partnerships will never materialise, so they have been downgraded to simply 'advisory boards', though what advice any of them will give is not stated, but we are told that it is 'an exciting opportunity to act as an ambassador for the Trust and to make a difference in people’s lives by conserving and improving the waterways'.

Believe that if you will, but it is to be hoped that the readers of the Sunday Times will believe it, for at huge cost the Trust has inserted an advertisement in that newspaper in an attempt to get its readers to join these new advisory boards.

More intelligent?

There is no reason given why the Sunday Times has been chosen unless it is thought its readers are somewhat more intelligent than the readers of other newspapers, and it certainly needs someone of intelligence to sort out the whole sorry mess.

Perhaps someone from the Sunday Times will tell the Trust to scrap the whole silly scheme, as many of us know that that is the only real solution, especially as these new advisory boards will be given even more cash, though the Trust is most cagey about actually how much.