Your views on the repair of Bagnall Lock

Published: Friday, 13 October 2017

So that is how Canal & River Trust repair lock gates these days. [The photograph of Bagnall Lock.]

We can all now see why the canals are in such a state and have to be closed to boating if this is the standard of workmanship.  Absolutely disgusting.

Elaine Fordson, Nb Cracker.


I was absolutely amazed to see the terrible condition of the 'repaired' Bagnall Lock.  Little wonder there are so many stoppages if this is the standard of workmanship now.

B. Topham

Words fail me

When I saw the picture of the repair to the lock beam [Bagnall Lock] I thought that surely this must have been before it was repaired, but your email telling me the photograph was taken yesterday by people you know from your marina, two days after the repair, I realise it is the actual repair.

Words fail me.

Philip Drew