Not concerned about Rochdale Canal boaters

Published: Friday, 08 September 2017

I WAS pleased to see that at last you have detailed what it is actually like cruising the Rochdale Canal, though you have to feel for those crews faced with 18 yobs intent upon harm, writes T Lang.

It is disgusting that the Canal & River Trust do not follow suit of British Waterways and provide people riding shotgun, as it is completely necessary, but they are not concerned.

The problem

We all know the problem though, Canal & River Trust is more concerned about the plants and the butterflies and the water voles on the Rochdale than it is about boaters. You can go along the canal and see all those rolls by the side of the canal for plants (much of which has come loose and become a navigation hazard) and habitats for water voles, whilst the actual boaters, what I always thought the canal was reopened for, are left to fend for themselves against the gangs of yobs that have free rein.

Not forgetting that stupid, what they have the temerity to call poetry, vandalising lock gate beams.  And yes, silly notices for ducks, that makes me think there is some idiot at Canal & River Trust who thinks ducks are able to read.

They have killed it

Your headline says that yobs are killing the Rochdale Canal.  I would go further, for they have killed it.  No boater in his or her right mind would cruise the Lancashire side.

PS. I have just looked at the Canal & River Trust website about the Rochdale and it says: 'For boaters, this canal is a peaceful place to escape the crowds'.  Which planet is it on?