Boat windows shattered by bullets

Published: Friday, 08 September 2017

THOUGH it is understood the Broads Authority was attempting to keep it quiet it was revealed at its meeting that boats had been targeted with their windows shattered by bullets.

The first shooting was on the 24th of August but it was at the Broads Authority navigation committee meeting yesterday (Thursday) that committee member Linda Aspland asked what was being done about the shootings at boats, with her question causing consternation as no one knew about it, Alan Tilbury reports.

Shooting at moorings

It was revealed that shooting had occurred at moorings at Somerleyton on the  Waveney, with police being alerted as boats had had their windows shattered by bullets, with several shots being fired.

It was then revealed that the shooting had been taking place over several nights during the past weeks, with the police being involved, as it was reported that many rounds had been fired with damage to boats.

Only recently made aware

A police spokesman told that they were only recently made aware of the incident as it had been reported to Suffolk police, but investigations have now commenced, with other shootings in the area. No one was injured.