Stolen narrowboat found

Published: Friday, 01 September 2017

THE 50ft narrowboat, Dawn Treader that was stolen whilst left on the Grand Union Canal near Leamington Spa has been found.

It was discovered some 10 miles away still on the Grand Union, but had been damaged, Alan Tibury reports.

The boat had gone

It had been moored bank side as its owner, Ali Jefferey, had been in the process of moving it to sell, but when she returned to carry on with her trip the boat had gone.

The thieves however had not stolen the boat to re-paint to either keep or sell, but as a joy ride, and it was eventually left by the side of the waterway when the thieves had tired of it.

Tracked down

After reporting the matter to the police, other boaters had sighted the stolen boat and reported it, and it was eventually tracked down, but then it was discovered that the lock had been broken to gain entry and the engine hot wired to start with an estimated damage of £2,000, mostly from crashing the boat when entering locks.