Marina problems retaining ageing boaters

Published: Wednesday, 30 August 2017

THE British Marine Federation has today issued its report into the inland marinas, painting a very healthy picture backed by its statistics

The report highlights sector revenues up 3.6% on last year, at £70m; direct contributions to the UK purse standing at £30m, again up 3.6%; and nearly 1,000 full-time equivalent employees supported, which is an increase of 0.2% on the previous year.

Fewer traditional boaters

But the report also states the difficulty operators are facing: in retaining an ageing customer, the continued increase in inflation (currently 2.6%) is placing pressure on boaters and businesses alike, and new business rates and other associated costs are eating into marinas’ and moorings’ profit margins, making it harder to prevent price increases impacting upon the customer.

The marinas are now attempting to attract customers other than the traditional boater, with some operators looking at more diverse ways of encouraging boat ownership, through schemes like ‘shared’ ownership and a drive, as in the case of British Waterways Marinas Ltd towards providing more residential berths.