Blowing in the wind

Published: Monday, 28 August 2017

I SEE the Inland Waterways Association is 'flogging' the HS2 again, this time as it crosses th Erewash Canal, where I moor my boat, writes, Felix Welson.

I believe this is just another attempt by the association to show that it is doing something, whilst in actual fact it is doing nothing, as to us the proposed HS2 over the Erewash is no big deal, and it attempting to show that it 'aims to highlight the impact of the HS2 high-speed rail project will have on the nearby canal' with it 'overshadowing' the canal and 'increased noise' is nothing more than blowing in the wind.

Last for just a few seconds

The association should realise that such progress as the HS2 is neccessary, and a train passing over the canals is no big deal, as it will be travelling—as do those on the Continent, at approaching 200mph—and the noise will last for just seconds, and seeing the proposed viaducts and bridges, these will not by the ugly ones of the canals but graceful structures and will hardly be 'overshadowing' the canal.

The association also says there will be added noise from a re-alighed M1 motorway. My friend moors a few miles away at Sawley Marina with the Mi passing just yards away, but he finds it no problem, as obviously don't the orther residents otherwise they would not be there.

Can do nothing

The Inland Waterways would be better concerned doing what it originally did—making sure the waterways are fit for navigation, something it has allowed to fall by the wayside since it joined up with Canal & River Trust—instead of attempting to make itself look as though it is doing something by saying 'it would work with communities to reduce the impact on the canal', something that is nothing more than hot air, for what can it do? Nothing.

Felix sent us a further email:

I forgot to mention that the concern about the HS2 affecting boaters on the Erewash is really blowing in the wind, as often there are days on end when not even a single boats passes our moorings!