Renewed vows on Lancaster Canal

Published: Friday, 25 August 2017

HAVING experienced quite a bit of 'doom and gloom' over the past few months Sarah and Mark Thomas decided to cheer up their family and friends.

So they decked out one of Lancaster Canal Boats widebeams, Kingfisher, and treated everyone to a trip to renew their wedding vows, Alan Tilbury reports.

Three hours trip

To celebrate their 10 years of marriage family and friends were treated to a three hours trip on the Lancaster Canal, picking up the original bridesmaids and guests then renewing their wedding vows, changing new rings, with Sarah explaining:

“We have had a lot of doom and gloom in the family in recent years so we wanted to cheer everyone up so we decided to do something special and came up with the idea of renewing our vows.”

Sarah happens to be the Operations Manager at Lancaster Canal Boats, so holding the celebration on one of its boats was the perfect solution, having worked for the company for 15 years.