A wide awakening

Published: Thursday, 24 August 2017

THE 'boater', Alan, who has fashioned his own toilet facilities on his boat moored in London needs a visit from Canal & River Trust, writes James Henry.

Admitting that he pours urine into the canal and leaves us wondering what he does with his 'solids' really needs stopping before all those Londoners looking for cheap housing learn about it and believe their toilet facilities are solved.  Mind you, I have seen others pouring suspect liquids into waterway out in 'the sticks'.

Her only outlay

The woman who believes that just paying for a licence is her only outlay for living on a boat is also giving out the wrong message, for all us boaters well know of the never ending expenses.

But it makes you wonder if she knows that she has to move every two weeks—or like an every increasing number—just does not bother, or about insurance or a BSS certificate. Does she get her diesel or coal for free?

She is going to get a wide awakening, if she hasn't already.