Police now involved with Sawley Cut overstayers

Published: Wednesday, 23 August 2017

I READ with interest your article about the overstaying boats in Sawley Cut. I have to say, things appear to have taken a slightly more sinister turn, writes Keith Unwin.

Last month, I left Sawley, and while cruising westward, I was greeted with a torrent of abuse from the individual on the white fibreglass boat, Del, instructing me to "f--- off, and not come back to this area". Something to do with me 'disrespecting' his dog, apparently. [Del is the blue and white boat shown below. This picture of the two overstayers was taken in May this year, and both were still there yesterday, Tuesday, on 48 hour moorings.]

The two 30MayStood my ground

The next day, while returning to retrieve my vehicle, The individual from the red and cream narrowboat also saw fit to address me with four letter expletives. I stood my ground, and made it clear, politely yet firmly, that I cared not one jot for his tantrums, and that yes, I will moor my boat where I please.

However, I was concerned for how their behaviour may impact children and the elderly using the towpath, especially with a dog out of control.

Complaint with police

To this end, I raised a complaint with Leicestershire Constabulary. I would urge caution around these individuals, and if there are any issues of anti-social behaviour, I would encourage people to notify Leicestershire Police quoting reference no 565 15.7.17.

I also raised the issue of overstaying with CaRT enforcement. I was informed that the red and cream narrowboat has no engine, and that they are dealing with the overstaying as a matter of importance. Again, I would urge people to complain if they feel these boats are causing inconvenience. It will take time and a great deal of supporting evidence for CaRT to get a court order for permanent removal, but this will be a preferable solution to allowing them to merely shuffle around the Trent Lock area to evade enforcement.

[In view of possible retaliation, though he gave it, we have withheld the name of Keith's boat.]