Canals have never been in such poor condition

Published: Friday, 18 August 2017

THE canals these days have never been in such poor condition, no matter what Canal & River Trust lie to us, the continuing emergency stoppages obviously belie its claim that it is 'in better condition than ever before', writes T. Lang.

The many complaints by so many on social media also contradict its claim as boater after boater tells of his or her cruise being spoilt by stoppages, and when you get four closures ( in one weekend, what chance have they?

Maintenance not done

And now four week-long 'emergency' closures on the Leicester Line again showing that maintenance has not been done otherwise on a so little used waterway, no emergency stoppages would be needed.

The way they are spread out shows that CaRT no longer has either the manpower to undertake these emergency stoppages itself or the money to pay contractors, but with thousands of pounds being spent on paying for propaganda in such as the Guardian newspaper, silly signs for ducks and chasing butterflies, what can you expect?

I have been told that maintenance is now approaching a deficit of £100 million—and obviously rising. So it is obvious to all that next year there will be a further increase in emergency stoppages, resulting in more boaters leaving.