Abuser moored selfishly himself

Published: Friday, 04 August 2017

WE TOO had  problems with a selfish moorer last week on the Shroppie, writes Richard Hall.

We went to Nantwich with the intention of visiting the Nantwich Show and International Cheese Show, well worth the visit too.

Embankment moorings

When we reached the embankment moorings there, in the early afternoon of the previous day, we found a long space. Most unusual, especially at this time of year. We duly moored at one end of the space next to an already moored boat and later in the day the space was filled by other boats.

Next evening, by the end of the show there had been several comings and goings of other boats and as a result we were left with spaces on each end of the boat which were not long enough for anything over 40ft. As a result we were treated to a stream of abuse from a passing boater on Candlelight (that was painted in a distinctive colour scheme) because we had not left enough room for him.

Would have moved up

Had he asked we could easily have moved up but as it happened we left the mooring soon after to continue our planned cruise. Much to our surprise, the next day, we saw the abusive boat moored at Hack Green and guess what, he was moored right in the middle of a gap long enough for two boats, had he moored thoughtfully.