Selfish moorers

Published: Thursday, 03 August 2017

IT WAS relative bliss to have cruised the BCN during and after our Rally in Stourbridge, but now we’re back in la la land and on a mooring in Alvecote Marina for a 10 days mid trip layover, writes Kevin McNiff.

Kevin space1Just as well, because bloody selfish mooring is very prevalent as can be seen from the attached pictures.

Remaining spaces useless

One boat in particular, Moondance, came in on Monday morning and used a gap big enough for itself and a 70ft boat such that the remaining spaces are useless.

Kevinspace2They then decamped and left by road. Perhaps the perception is that fewer boats on the move = it doesn’t matter? Courtesy and respect has long since gone from the waterways sadly.

Saw it happen

Those that could say “well they were moored close but the other boat went” can be reassured that I saw this actually happen.