Call for more cyclists on towpaths!

Published: Wednesday, 02 August 2017

THERE is a call by the recently formed Big Bike Revival for groups of cyclists to get on their bikes and use such as the canal towpaths.

Cycling UK’s Big Bike Revival is offering support to local community groups and volunteers to get more people riding their bikes, Alan Tilbury reports.

Established last year

Established in September last year the 'award-winning' (of course!) programme developed by Cycling UK is encouraging everyday cycle journeys by offering free mechanics sessions, bike safety checks, confidence building classes, led rides, route planning and more.The routes at present include the Scottish Canal towpaths, where is was first introduced.

Big Bike Revival has already partnered with 103 community groups and organisations to run around 500 cycling-themed events already in Scotland where it was first introduced and intends to move into England.

Importance of cycling

It recognises the importance of cycling and its benefits both in relation to physical health as well as its positive impact on mental wellbeing bringing the family together through a joint interest in cycling is a great way to live and enjoy family life.