So it's butterflies now

Published: Tuesday, 01 August 2017

I well remember the 'count' of kingfishers organised by Canal & River Trust and having quite a few conversations at the café at Stenson where I once moored, (not at the café but the marina!) so it's butterflies now, writes Morgan Stills.

Both fellow moorers and visitors to the café spoke about the well advertised count, and I have forgotten the number of how many reported the single kingfisher that 'patrolled' the area in the wood above Weston [broad] Lock, and we often joked of how many the single bird would have been multiplied to no doubt be dozens.

It is the same with anything where the public is asked to report things, there is no control whatsoever, and as you stated the wildlife can move to place to place and be counted time and time again.

I see there is already a statistic, but there will be more, knowing CaRT and its love of them, as daft as they are.