EA backs down over 'night time' moorings

Published: Friday, 28 July 2017

THERE is no doubt that David Mercer's article in narrowboatworld about it charging for overnight moorings on the Thames, when it should not, has had an effect.

For a new notice now pops up when boaters attempt to register arrival at any Environment Agency Thames visitor mooring to comply with their ‘rules’.

Not allowed to charge

Readers may remember that David disclosed in narrowboatworld yesterday that the Agency is not allowed to charge for overnight moorings on the Thames, though of course it does, which has certainly had results with this notice now appearing over its normal mooring notice when registering with TVW that manages the scheme for the EA.

EA moorings2

David made a Freedom of Information request and discovered that legislation clearly prohibits the EA from charging for mooring at night at any of its mooring sites, though the EA skated round the issue in its original responses, but then admitted that references on the TVM signs and website to mooring at night were an unfortunate oversight.

What is now interesting boaters is, can they claim money back that has been illegally taken for overnight mooring...