Chesterfield restoration safe from HS2

Published: Wednesday, 19 July 2017

THE campaign by the Chesterfield Canal Trust against the original line of the HS2 that blighted its restoration has paid-off, with the route being moved away from the line of the canal.

The new route announced by the government for Phase 2b of HS2 will be the eastern (M1) route, meaning that the blight that had settled on the restoration route of the canal through Renishaw, Spinkhill and Killamarsh since January 2013 has officially been lifted.

Finally paid-off

The 4½ years of campaigning by the Chesterfield Canal Trust has finally paid-off, with the Trust very grateful to all its allies in this campaign. These include all the local authorities along the route, local and national politicians, the Canal & River Trust and lots of wildlife, heritage, waterways and other organisations.

Most of all, the Trust wishes to thank the hundreds, possibly thousands, of supporters who have responded to the two route consultations. The support that it has had both locally and nationally has been quite astonishing, its spokesman claiming. Adding that there can be no doubt that this has been noted in Whitehall.

Fund raising

The Trust will now be redoubling it fund-raising efforts to help push forward with restoration. Its current Place in History campaign has raised nearly £40,000 this year for the work of its volunteers at Staveley. To donate, go to the Chesterfield Canal Trust website.