No sense in hiring-out your boat

Published: Wednesday, 19 July 2017

WE HAVE to feel sorry for Dawn Samples who has lost her home as it sunk in the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, writes, T. Lang.

But there is no sense in hiring out your boat, especially to someone you have only talked to on the telephone, for cash in hand.


The man she hired it to was obviously a non-boater, not even having the sense to replace the lid on the weed hatch, so for that bit of 'extra' cash she has the hell of a lot of money to fork out, with her boat sunk, as the man has now obviously done a runner.

It was only a few years ago that another man hired a boat from someone, then cleared off with it giving it a quick re-paint, and attempting to sell it.  Those are the predicaments you can get yourself into to, by trying to get yourself a bit of extra cash, it just is not worth it.

It is illegal

And of course it is illegal, as the moment money changes hands out goes your insurance cover as not only is the boat not licenced but its insurance is void. It is not worth it.

It is quite okay allowing a friend to take or bring back your boat for you, if no payment is made, but taking cash is another matter entirely.