Hirer sank her narrowboat

Published: Monday, 17 July 2017

A NARROWBOAT owner took pity on a man who advertised on the internet that he wanted to try the lifestyle of boating, but he sank the boat by leaving the weed hatch off.

Dawn Samples  was heartbroken to learn that her narrowboat she had hired to a man had not only damaged other boats by his erratic steering but then sank it by not replacing the weed hatch, Alan Tilbury reports.

Sunk boat LL2Make extra cash

Dawn had decided to rent her boat out to make extra cash after being contacted by a man on a boat rental website, who told her he was wanting to try the lifestyle, so arranged the hire on the phone, even though he told her he could not afford a deposit.

After the man took over the boat she was devastated to receive a telephone call saying her boat had sunk in the Leeds & Liverpool Canal at Riley Green.  The man then left.

Spent hours in the water

Other boaters attempted to raise the boat, spending hours in the water sealing the windows and hiring air compressors, but with no luck, until they eventually discovered that the weed hatch had been left open, with water pouring in.

Eventually it was raised, but will cost a great deal of money to put right.

[The normal Canal & River Trust boat licence does not allow an owner to hire out his/her boat.]