Mercia is at it again!

Published: Wednesday, 05 July 2017

PiazzaMerciaALREADY well established as the marina with the most facilities, Mercia Marina is 'at it again' with yet another massive development, giving even more facilities for boaters and the public alike.

The 'skeleton' of the new development can be seen in the above photograph, situated at the end of the existing Boardwalk, that by the end of the year will become the marinas's Piazza.


This picture shows what the completed building will look like come the end of the year, and will be split into different sections including a specialist restaurant, more specialist shops and a Hygge, that Manager Robert Neff told us is Danish meaning cosy. So the shop will be selling all things to make your home—be it on land or water—cosy! If you want to know what that means then a visit, when it is open, is essential!

The specialist restaurant will not clash with the one already on the Boardwalk, with at the moment an Asian restaurateur showing a great deal of interest.

Then there will be a combined hairdresser and beauty salon, and even a proper bakery making its own products including different fresh breads.


The upper floors of the Piazza will be offices, for which Robert tells us there is great demand, that will accommodate 120 people in 'good quality' jobs.

Such is the popularity of Mercia, and the many people it attracts, that most of the occupation of the Piazza is taken, and much of it by local entrepreneurs.

New car park

When we visited yesterday, Tuesday, the vast amount of car parking was still at a premium, so to accommodate the further influx once the new development is complete, a new car park it being constructed across the road to take 200 more vehicles.

But there is a problem—toads! They fall off the curb and cannot get back up, wandering along the road until they most likely fall down a drain, so toad ladders (that actually work) are being installed, to help the creatures get back to where they belong!

Come December everything will be open—in time for Christmas, with Robert hoping that the extra 200 spaces will be enough to accommodate the expected crowds.