Peak Forest closed again

Published: Wednesday, 05 July 2017

THE peak Forest is not doing too well these days, being closed in April, then in May and now again today. all of course due to failures of one sort or another.

Wood EndThis time it is Wood End Lift Bridge (24) that has broken down, closing the navigation from its junction with the Macclesfield Canal (that has a 'substantially worse' leak) to Whaley Bridge, Keith Gudgin tells us.

In closed position

There is a problem with the lifting mechanism, and though contractors have inspected the bridge, they were unable to undertake a repair, so the bridge remains in its closed position until a solution can be found, with boats unable to pass.


The bridge is now open, but with concerns about some of the bolts for the mounting of the balance arm, it will have to be closed again at a later date to replace them.