Macclesfield still leaking

Published: Wednesday, 05 July 2017

THE Canal & River Trust have admitted that the 'leak' in the Macclesfield Canal near Bollington has 'become substantially worse', so the boats moored nearby have been moved away and the moorings closed.

It was in May last year that this leak was first noticed, with the navigation closed and it 'attended to', but in September it became worse with the navigation closed once again, and a 'temporary repair' undertaken, but nothing else done.

Another temporary repair

But it has obviously become worse, so again contractors will effect a 'temporary repair', Keith Gudgin tells us.

It is hoped that this time something is done about the 'temporary repair', otherwise next time it will not become 'substantially worse', but a full blown breach.  There have been enough warnings.

Mooring available

The moorings that are now closed are between bridges 26 and 27, though moorings are available nearer Bollington.